How To Turbo Sync
How To Turbo Sync From Local Console

Important Turbo Sync Information

Note: Turbo Sync may lead to frequent erasing and writing in the micro SD card and it is only suggested to do when it is necessary.
If the synced block height of your device is very close to the blockchain (less than 200 blocks), Turbo Sync is not necessary for your device and you will not be able to run it.
The Turbo Sync process may take awhile to complete and depends on the network speed. Please maintain a solid Internet connection and be patient with the syncing process.
IMPORTANT: Please do not power off the device during the Turbo Sync process, otherwise your miner will have a corrupted ledger during the next boot and will start syncing again from the last blessed snapshot. In that case, you will have to repeat the Turbo Sync process.

How To Run Turbo Sync

Note: You will need to log-in to the Local Console as described here.
  1. 1.
    Click the "Turbo Sync" button to start the process after logging in.
Trubo Sync
2. Read the prompt and select “Go ahead”.
Confirm - Go Ahead
3. Check the log window below which shows the progress of loading the latest blocks.
Turbo Sync Log Process
This process will take around 15-30 mins, mainly depending on the Internet connection speed and blocks that need to be synced.
Note: During the Turbo Sync process, your dashboard will show “Unknown” in the blockchain status. This is normal.
If you would like to Turbo Sync after re-flashing the firmware onto the SD card, please wait for the dashboard to show the latest block record (it will take around 15 mins). Then you may proceed to Turbo Sync, otherwise, Turbo Sync will not be successful.

Checking The Logs For Status

When you see “Turbo Sync Completed!” in the log, it means you have successfully completed the process.
Logs - Turbo Sync Completed!

Checking The Dashboard For Status

Check the main dashboard after 5 minutes of seeing “Turbo Sync Completed!”. You will see the block height is near synced or fully synced status.
Blockchain Height - Fully Synced
Note: If your dashboard still shows “Unknown”, please give it more time to update and check again in a few minutes/later.
Congratulations, you've now fully Turbo Synced your Hotspot!