Registering Hotspots

How To Register Hotspots With Helium Wallet

1. Please login to the SenseCAP Dashboard by visiting
2. Ensure your "Helium APP" is the latest version and login to your Helium wallet.
You can download the latest version by visiting the Android Store or the iOS Store
3. On the SenseCAP Dashboard, click "Hotspot" on the left menu, then click the blue button that reads "+ Add New Hotspot".
You will then be prompted with a QR code to import your Hotspot from the Helium Wallet as below:
Add New Hotspot Prompt
4. Use "Helium App" to scan the QR code shown in Dashboard
Helium APP - QR Code Scan
5. Scan the QR code with your Helium Wallet and grant permission in "Helium App" when you are prompted to link wallets.
Note: This does NOT give anyone access to your seed phrase to your wallet, this only allows the dashboard to connect and add your hotspot(s) to the dashboard.
Select "Yes, Link my Wallet"
6. Select and add the Hotspot(s) you wish to add to the SenseCAP Dashboard and click the button.
Select All The Hotspots You Wish To Add To The Dashboard
7. If your wallet was successfully linked, you will see the message below. You are all set!
Success Message - Hotspots Registered

Register Hotspots With Device Information

Note: Your could register your hotspot to the dashboard with either your Helium Wallet or your device information. If you choose to register the hotspot with the device information, you will need to login to your hotspot's Local Console to get the device information. Learn more:
SenseCAP M1 - Local Console page of Hotspot
1. Log-in to the dashboard ⇒
2. Enter the credentials you created during registration and log in.
3. Navigate to “Hotspot” on the left menu column
4. Click "Add new Hotspot".
5. You will be prompted to enter the "SN", "ETH MAC" address, "CPU ID" and "bind key", which "SN" is located on the bottom label of your SenseCAP M1, and others are in the Local Console Page.
6. Click “Confirm” and the Hotspot will now be added to your dashboard.
Note: The CPU ID usually begins with 1 followed by 7 zero’s. ie., 10000000
Congratulations, you've successfully added your Hotspot to the dashboard to begin monitoring. You may repeat these steps for additional hotspot to monitor.