Cable Guide

What Cables Can I Use?

The goal here is to minimize the amount of loss coming from the antenna to the Hotspot. In order to achieve best results, you want a heavy duty and short (ideally around 5-10' or less) cable that goes from your Hotspot to your antenna.
Running cheaper cables (thin with no shielding) can create loss, which will reduce the power and strength/transmit of your antenna. Also, please take note that running a 30-50' cable will also reduce the strength of your antenna as now you will have to calculate cable loss.

What Do The Cables Look Like?

RP-SMA Male to N-Female

Can I Go Up 50' In The Air?

You can certainly try, however, please take note that the longer the cable, the more signal loss you will experience. Every Hotspot's situation is unique, there really is no one answer fit's all.
Antenna cables generate signal loss; the more signal loss, the more difficult it is for your Hotspot to witnesses other signals/Hotspots around you. To further understand this, imagine yelling down a hallway. The closer you are near the front of the hallway, the louder the people will hear you. The further you are from the hallway front, the lower they will hear you.
Best practice is anything shorter than ~2 meters = LMR 200/240, anything to ~6 meters = LMR 400, and anything beyond that with LMR 600.
Please use the following Signal Loss Guide to determine your final signal loss/ft.
- Times Microwave