How To Log-in
How to Log-in To Local Console

How To Log-in To Local Console?

Note: Your computer and your Hotspot should be connected to the same router/network in order to use Turbo Sync.
If your Hotspot is remote, you currently will NOT be unable to run Turbo Sync.
Local Network Breakdown


1. You must have an account with the SenseCAP M1 Dashboard, you can register your by clicking here. (If you already have registered an account AND your Hotspot, please proceed to Step 2.
2. Copy your Hotspot's CPU ID from the dashboard.
3. Click the "Wi-Fi IP Address" or "LAN IP Address" link which directs to the Turbo Sync Local Console page.
  • If you are connected via Wi-Fi, you will see the Hotspots Wi-Fi IP address to click.
  • If you are connected via Ethernet cable or local LAN, you will see the Hotspot's LAN address to click.
Wi-Fi / LAN IP
4. Use the Hotspot's "CPU ID" copied from the dashboard to log in after clicking the appropriate IP Address.
Local Console CPU ID Login
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